Jury member for 35 Changemaker Award Ceremony

Mustafa Sherif

PMI Sweden Chapter Under 35 Changemaker Award Ceremony
The Award goes to 6 talented and inspiring change makers who have contributed to successful changes within each focus area of Leadership, Tech, and sustainability.

I am honored to be a Jury member and moderator for the Award ceremony.

Here is a summary of my talk with the winners about success factors that enable them to make an impactful change:
• Believing in your mission
• Working with great managers who believe in you
• Getting constructive feedback
• Asking questions, especially with the purpose of being able to learn to contribute.
• As young employees take more space and be brave to share what they think about

Big Congratulations to all award-winners:
• Award for Inspirational Leadership:
⚡️Dora Palfi , Co-founder & CEO, IMAGI
Giulia Morello, Group Manager & Transformation Lead, AUROBAY

• Award for Changemakers in Tech:
Lucas Ambjorn, AI Strategist, ZENSEACT
Francisca Hoyer, Ph.D., Strategic Program Manager, AI SWEDEN

• Award for Sustainability Impact:
Namo Marouf, Sustainability Lead, RAMBOLL
Camilla Wikström, Project Manager, CITY OF STOCKHOLM

Thanks for the good collaboration Katarina KorenkovaJulia Gohblit, MAAnna Enarsson, and Dilara Çetin.

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Child Friendly Urban Planner at AFRY | TEDxStockholm | Public Speaker | Urbanistica Podcast Host | H22 City EXPO Ambassador | Placemaking Europe Leader

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