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165.ENG. Urbanization and beyond – Tigran Haas Urbanistica

Dr. Tigran Haas (Tenured Associate Professor of Urban Planning + Urban Design, Director of the Center for the Future of Places at the ABE School at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, Fall 2019-2021 Visiting Scholar at MIT.). Tigran is talking about urbanizations' different categories/styles and how can we develop a smart city? We are also talking about what do cities learn from COVID19 and how academia is contributing with research within this topic?Eenjoy your listening. Let's connect and talk further about this episodeMustafa Sherif LinkedinKeep Up the Good Work.Keep Loving Cities❤️️.Follow Urbanistica and let's get in touch:Urbanistica InstagramUrbanistica FacebookUrbanistica Youtube channelThanks to Urbanistica Podcast partner AFRY.AFRY is an international engineering and design company providing sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, industry and infrastructure. Read more about AFRY https://afry.com/enVisit  Mustafasherif.com for collaborations and nominations.Note: the sound quality of #UrbanisticaPodcast s' episodes that are recorded during #COVID19 time might not be perfect. Due to the online recording and the use of different types of microphones by guests and #MustafaSherif. Thank you so much for understanding and listening. Stay safe ! Get bonus content on Patreon See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. 165.ENG. Urbanization and beyond – Tigran Haas
  2. 164.ENG Playground Daddy "Parkpappan" – Joakim Flink
  3. 163.SWE Smart och kombinerad mobilitet – Karolina Pamp-Sandgren
  4. 162.ENG Placemaking in relation to Sport and Culture – Laska Nenova
  5. 161.ENG To South America with 0 plan – Alexander Grabner-Jarlung

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A Placemaking Leader

My WHY in life is basically creating citiesforpeople / citiesforkids. I will do what I can to make this happen. Officially, I am a leader of Placemaking EuropeThis will be a fantastic journey. I will be one of the front-runners in Europe, who together accelerate placemaking as a way to create healthy, inclusive, and belovedContinue reading “A Placemaking Leader”

Barnkonventionens födelsedag med Åsa Lindgren

Barnkonventionens födelsedag 20 november 🎉 Den 20 november 1989 antogs FN:s konvention om barnets rättigheter och i många länder världen och i Sverige firas därför 20 november som den stora barndagen. Jag poddar och firar #barndagen tillsammans med bästa Åsa Lindgren. Åsa ger tips och råd på hur barnkonventionen integreras i olika verksamheter och hurContinue reading “Barnkonventionens födelsedag med Åsa Lindgren”

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