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Mustafa Sherif

Born1993-07-31 (29 years)
Bagdad -Iraq

Works at AFRY
Title Urban Planner
Lives in Stockholm -Sweden

Studied at KTH The Royal Institute of Technology, LTH Lund University & Politecnico di Milano.

Idols Jan Gehl (Architect), Zaha Hadid (Architect), Del Piero (Football player)

Favorite Cities Stockholm, Milano & Baghdad

Hobbies drawing, meeting new people, playing video games, exploring new places, Volunteering in events.

Favorite Sport & Team Football & Juventus Football club

Favorite video game Crash Bandicoot

Favorite TED talk How to Sound smart in your TEDx talk by Will Stephen.

Mustafa Sherif

Urban Planner
Mustafa Sherif, 29 years old, is an urban planner with a focus on people as a starting point for city development. He believes strongly that planning smarter and more livable cities don’t need to be so complicated. Mustafa is currently working at AFRY in Sweden with master planning and community engagement processes with a focus on Child-Friendly Cities.

Podcast Host
In order to contribute to developing smarter and more livable cities for people, he started his own international podcast Urbanistica. It is about the making of smarter and more livable cities for people. The podcast has listeners from 140 countries.

TEDxTalk Co-Coach
Storytelling and communication are a big part of his passion. Mustafa is an active member of TEDx Stockholm team as a content researcher and a co-coach. This means that he together with the team is responsible to find potential speakers with ideas worth spreading on the TEDx stage in Stockholm and also coaching speakers.

Work experiences


  • Urban Planner. AFRY
  • PR & Marketing Strategist. AFRY
  • Founder & Host. Urbanistica Podcast
  • Executive Assistant. Arkus Foundation


  • Community Manager. Hack for Earth Foundation
  • Jury Member. VINNOVA. the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.
  • Lecturer. KTH The Royal Institute of technology
  • Urban Planner. Landskapslaget AB
  • Urban Planner Internship. Sweco Architect
  • Urban Planner Internship. Sweco Society
  • PA Senior Architect. Heidenstamska Arkiektur och Byggnationer AB
  • Teacher. Tycho Brahe Architecture High school
  • Librarian. LTH Lund University
  • Mathematics Tutor. LTH Lund University
  • Master of Science. MS. Architecture and Urban Design. Politecnico di Milano Exchange
  • Master’s degree. Master’s program in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design. KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor of Science. Civil Engineering in Architecture. The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University
  • Civil Engineering 1 year – Road and Traffic Technology. The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University
  • Architecture High School. Tycho Brahe Skolan
Volunteer Experience


  • Ambassador. Open House Architecture Festival Stockholm
  • Election committee. City Planners Association Stockholm
  • Co-Coach & Board Member. TEDxTalk Stockholm
  • Board Member. Urban Design & Planning Program, Berghs School of Communication.
  • Placemaking Advocate. PlacemakingX
  • Placemaking Leader. Placemaking Europe Network


  • Ambassador. H22 Helsingborg Smart City Expo
  • Chairman. City Planners Association Stockholm
  • Board Member. City Planners Association Stockholm
  • Jury Member. Engineering for Humanity Hackathon 2022
  • Lead Jury Member. Hack for Södertälje Hackathon 2022
  • Partners Team IFLA. Sveriges Arkitekter
  • Door Opener. Yrkesdörren
  • Ambassador. Hack for Earth Foundation
  • Coach. Changers Hub
  • Communications Team IFLA. Sveriges Arkitekter
  • Head of Mentors. Open Hack
  • Advocate. YSP Young Sustainability Professionals
  • Operation Team. Erasmus Student Network
  • Coach. Hack for Sweden
  • Lecturer. Open-Innovators.org
  • Agent. UN AGENDA 2020
  • Guide. Framtidsverket Event
  • Furniture maker. Woodhilstudios & graffiti Festival
  • Student Representative. Lund University
  • Painter. Helsingborg City Mural Art Project
  • Student Representative. Tycho Brahe school
  • Assistant. Fridays For Future International
  • Marks Maker. WWF
  • Receptionist. Gather Festival
  • Guide. Open House Architecture Festival
  • Painter. Stockholm City Mural painting
  • Graphic Designer. Climate Festival: What is next?
  • Workshop leader. Stockholm City Mural Painting Project
  • Placemaking Europe
  • PlacemakingX
  • TEDx Stockholm
Honors & Awards
  • 2023 100 most influential people/org in Architecture and Design in Sweden by arkitektur, design, inredning byRum
  • 2023 Jane Jacobs Lecture Award by Center of The Living City
  • 2022 Clarence Morberg Award 2022 by Samhällsbyggarna
  • 2022 Arab Architecture Week Honor by ArchiNet
  • 2022 Sustainability Changemaker Award under 35 by PMI Sweden
  • 2021 (Ung och Tung) Young and Successful Award Betonggalan
  • 2021 AFRY Team Player Award (Finalist)
  • 2021 Johan Silfwerbrand Award Betonggalan
  • 2021 the ENABLER of the Year Award by the Swedish Architects Association/Sveriges Arkitekter
  • 2020 Södertälje Hackathon Best Pitch about Smart Cities.
  • 2018 UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agent. Goal 11.
  • 2017 Swedish News Agency (Nyhetsbyrå).
  • 2016 Best Bachelor thesis project Award in Civil Engineering & Architecture.
  • 2013 Winner of the Technical Association Award for the best high school thesis.
  • English
  • Swedish
  • Arabic

What do the experts say about Mustafa Sherif?

From the heart of Mesopotamia to the heart of Scandinavia

(A short story about Mustafa)

Mustafa was born in the heart of Mesopotamia Baghdad -Iraq 1993. He is the second child in a family of 6 members. His passion for cities and people started already when he was young in Baghdad -Iraq.

He was growing up in this tight and strong relationship with the street, public spaces, and people in Bagdad. For instance, He was getting hit by cars several times, meeting friends outdoors and sitting on the large stairs of buildings’ entrances, attending weddings/funerals in the streets, closing streets for community events, etc. Mustafa always wants to keep this relationship going on and make it more interesting. An urban planner was what he wanted to be, to create cities for people, and to enhance the quality of peoples everyday life.

Mustafa went through very difficult times together with his family in Baghdad -Iraq because of the many terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda and the invisible civil war in Iraq. Mentioned, that he lost all his best friends in different terror attacks in Baghdad. That affected him a lot and made him appreciate the value of every single person he met in his life.

His father moved to Sweden and then Mustafa followed him together with the other family members. They stayed in Helsingborg City in the south of Sweden.

Helsingborg took a big part of Mustafa’s heart and played a big role in the development of his mindset as a young teenager.

His formal “urban planning for people” journey started in 2013 by studying Architecture already in a high school in Helsingborg, Sweden. Mustafa got his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil engineering and architecture from LTH Lund University. The next destination was the Master’s program in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design at The Royal Institute of Technology KTH in Stockholm. He did 7 months of an Exchange program in Politecnico di Milano in Italy to study Architecture and Urban Planning.

In Milano, he developed his mindset and skills in architecture, urban planning, and design. He was traveling to different cities in Italy and in Europe on his own time and budget to explore the cities from cultural, urban planning, and design point of view.

Now he is working as an urban planner in Stockholm at AFRY Urban Planning and Design studio with a focus on the social aspect e.g. meeting people listening to their stories and co-create the values in a city, building long-term relationships with various types of clients. Most of his projects are dialogues with people, placemaking, master planning, and developing methods and strategies to convert “cities for cars” to “cities for people”.

Mustafa loves seeing people active, happy, and full of inspiration, which is why he is doing many many activities after work e.g. He is part of TEDxTalk Stockholm as a speaker Co-coach, and content researcher.

He also started his own podcast in Nov 2019. Urbanistica Podcast is to inspire everyone about The making of smarter and more livable cities for people. The podcast has listeners from 140 countries.

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