It takes two to tango, It takes a team to TEDx

It’s hard to describe the last week’s TEDxStockholm event with one word or one feeling, especially when we have an amazing team who put together an inspiring event with 8x speakers talking about topics like self-belief, talented children, gaming, losing your job, stopping listening to news … and much more. A big thanks to our speakers. CongratulationsContinue reading “It takes two to tango, It takes a team to TEDx”

Seriously these are basic elements!

During my recent years of doing placemaking processes with communities (children), I ask about what elements attract them to spend time outdoors in public spaces. These are mostly repeated elements that I hear during my conversations 👇🏻 The target group I refer to in this post is school female students, 13-16 years old, in differentContinue reading “Seriously these are basic elements!”

Place Governance in a Fragmented World – Project for Public Spaces

373. Place Governance in a Fragmented Worldwith Nate Storring (Co-Executive Director at Project for Public Spaces, USA) We are talking about Hyperlocal book.When it comes to uneven urban growth and investment, place-based governance structures in the United States and around the globe have been both part of the problem and part of the solution. Hyperlocal explore both theContinue reading “Place Governance in a Fragmented World – Project for Public Spaces”

Jury member for 35 Changemaker Award Ceremony

PMI Sweden Chapter Under 35 Changemaker Award CeremonyThe Award goes to 6 talented and inspiring change makers who have contributed to successful changes within each focus area of Leadership, Tech, and sustainability. I am honored to be a Jury member and moderator for the Award ceremony. Here is a summary of my talk with the winnersContinue reading “Jury member for 35 Changemaker Award Ceremony”

The 100 most powerful/influential people Award

🏅Very honored to be selected as one of the 100 most powerful/influential people and organizations in Architecture and Design for 2023 in Sweden. The jury’s motivation is for my Urbanistica Podcast – Cities for People work, for me inviting people from different disciplines to share their stories about how we make cities for people! Big thanks to forContinue reading “The 100 most powerful/influential people Award”

Leave No One Behind when we make cities for people

I think many of you heard or read about “Leave No One Behind”. It’s from the adoption of Agenda 2030, 193 United Nations Member States pledged to ensure “no one will be left behind”. As urban planners, designers, and architects, we have a lot to do with these words. One example can be during aContinue reading “Leave No One Behind when we make cities for people”

Jane Jacobs Lecture Series

How about me lecturing at the only global urbanist organization founded with Jane Jacobs?Dream come true! I am going to be part of the Jane Jacobs Lecture Series & will talk about making cities for people (children) Avilable on Youtube now A special thanks to Center for the Living City. It was founded in cooperation with #JaneJacobs ,Continue reading “Jane Jacobs Lecture Series”