Jane Jacobs Lecture Series

How about me lecturing at the only global urbanist organization founded with Jane Jacobs?Dream come true! I am going to be part of the Jane Jacobs Lecture Series & will talk about making cities for people (children) Avilable on Youtube now A special thanks to Center for the Living City. It was founded in cooperation with #JaneJacobs ,Continue reading “Jane Jacobs Lecture Series”

Seasonality in The making of a place

Don’t forget the sun & the snow ☀️ the Sun-Snow ❄️Based on our experience within urban planning and design dialogues and community engagement activities, most of the time children and adults relate to the current weather when they tell stories and their opinion about a place or an area. Here is what I mean☀️ IContinue reading “Seasonality in The making of a place”

I interview OpenAI ChatGPT about cities

These are answers that are generated from ChatGPD. I didn’t change any words in the answers. I just copy the conversation and paste it here. You can also listen to it on Urbanistica Podcast here. Can you introduce yourself to me? what is ChatGPT? Hello! I am ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI.Continue reading “I interview OpenAI ChatGPT about cities”

All Urban Planning and Design projects matter

All Urban Planning and Design projects matter!There is not only one single project that can transform an entire city. It’s a series of different scales of projects that over time transform a city and make it a city for people. 💪 Please don’t underestimate your “small” projects. Let’s keep in mind that all projects matterContinue reading “All Urban Planning and Design projects matter”

2022 was a year of people and making cities for people

I call 2022 a year of people and making #citiesforpeople !During the last 3 months, I met more people than I met in the previous 3 years of COVID! I am grateful for being part of fantastic teams and organizations. I am grateful for having passionate team members and brave leaders around me & with me! IContinue reading “2022 was a year of people and making cities for people”

co-creating! start from step 0

By reading online, networking on Linkedin, and interviewing people on podcasts, I see that we as urban practitioners and policymakers start to complicate our community participation methods and processes. We do that by adding many many many steps which might look good on our documentation and diagrams. Some methods and handbooks are just getting biggerContinue reading “co-creating! start from step 0”

World Childrens Day

Happy #WorldChildrensDay !We have everything but still, we need something to make #childfriendlycities We have handbooks, tools, platforms, models, methods, roadmaps, scientifically based research papers, reports, budgets, and we even have the Convention on the Rights of the Child by UNICEF (54 articles in the pictures below). What else do we need? Well, we need more Brave Leaders who thinkContinue reading “World Childrens Day”

Clarence Morberg Award 2022

🏆 I am so honored to receive Clarence Morberg Award 2022 from Samhällsbyggarna Clarence Morberg-pristagare – Samhällsbyggarnas utmärkelse som belönar unga inspiratörer och samhällsbyggare. Jag känner mig hedrad, ödmjuk och väldigt glad att ta emot Samhällsbyggarnas pris Clarence Morberg-priset för år 2022. Priset för mig är ett belöningskvitto. Ett kvitto på att mitt aktiva driv ochContinue reading “Clarence Morberg Award 2022”