Expo2020 Dubai TV

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” is what Expo 2020 Dubai is about.  I had the pleasure to be part of a short interview by #DubaiTv. I am very excited about the interesting solutions that different countries are introducing to the world at #expo2020dubai , when it comes to sustainable mobility, energy, and a more sustainable way of living in ourContinue reading “Expo2020 Dubai TV”

Tack OH! festival i Stockholm

Den 1-3 oktober bjöd vi på Open House Stockholm allmänheten in till gratis guidade visningar av stadens mest unika och spännande byggnader och platser. Festivalen syftar till att involvera allmänheten i stadens utveckling och stimulera intresset för #arkitektur och samhällsbyggande. Festivalen arrangeras i hela Storstockholmsområdet. Open House #stockholm är en del av det globala nätverket Open House Worldwide. Föreningarna Samhällsbyggarna, Samhällsbyggnadslänken,Continue reading “Tack OH! festival i Stockholm”

Ung och Tung Award

🍀 Wish me good luck and vote for me here https://lnkd.in/dCC7XnkV 🙂 Jag har blivit nominerad till priset ung och tung på Betonggalan 2021. Priset delas ut till en person under 30 år som på ett tungt sätt bidragit till att utveckla branschen. Jag presenterade mig och mitt arbete på AFRY som stadsplanerare med fokus på barnets perspektiv, ochContinue reading “Ung och Tung Award”

Brave Leadership with Jonas Gustavsson

Urbanistica Podcast season 4 is about #leadership and #cities. It’s a big honor to have Jonas Gustavsson, CEO at AFRY on episode 227. He is leading 16000+ creative people in 50 countries, doing projects in 100+ countries. Jonas is dreaming big up to the sky at the same time he is super humble and downContinue reading “Brave Leadership with Jonas Gustavsson”

Back to school

Kick-off föreläsning för 400 nya studenter på KTH Royal Institute of Technology under samhällsbyggnadslänkens dag. Jag fick hålla en inspirationsföreläsning om hur man kan hitta sin passion i livet. Studenterna fick höra om möjligheterna inom samhällsbyggnadsbranschen, och om de olika projekt som jag jobbar med på AFRY landskap och plan sektionen. Föreläsningen finn här Det var väldigt inspirerande ochContinue reading “Back to school”

ArchDaily, Behind the scenes

Tune in to Urbanistica Podcast.Here we start season Nr.4 ArchDaily from a student idea to a platform with more than 14 million readers every month. With channels in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese, and more than 40 new projects published daily, no other architecture network has the global scope that ArchDaily has. Mustafa Sherif had the pleasureContinue reading “ArchDaily, Behind the scenes”

AFRY Future Stars

Future Stars is AFRY’s programme for students. As a Future Star, we will provide you with experiences, knowledge, and a network that prepares you for your future career. It is a big pleasure to share with our fantastic future stars my experience within storytelling, finding passion, working hard, and enjoying the journey with the otherContinue reading “AFRY Future Stars”

Taking care of children’s mental and physical health by #urbanplanning and #design.

Why do we have to take care of 27% of the planet’s population’s mental and physical health? What is World Health Organization opinion about this? As an urban planner, I see the hope for better future cities. Because there are reasons to be optimistic. Thanks to The Oracle Podcast for giving me the platform toContinue reading “Taking care of children’s mental and physical health by #urbanplanning and #design.”

Talking Sustainability on the MasterPods

Thank you The Master Pods for inviting me to the show. Ever wondered how our cities are planned? How sustainability can be incorporated into the design of the city? On this week’s episode, Mustafa Sherif tells us about his life story, from being fascinated by architecture to ending up working as an urban planner atContinue reading “Talking Sustainability on the MasterPods”