2022 was a year of people and making cities for people

Mustafa sherif Placemaking Europe

I call 2022 a year of people and making #citiesforpeople !
During the last 3 months, I met more people than I met in the previous 3 years of COVID!

I am grateful for being part of fantastic teams and organizations. I am grateful for having passionate team members and brave leaders around me & with me!

I get this question many times: Mustafa, what is your secret recipe? How can you do all of this? Do you have 24 hours/day?
My ingredients are::
1. Passion
2. Leaders who believe in me
3. Collaborative and inclusive team members
4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9 & 10. classified ingredients 😛

⭐ Happy New Year 2023!
Keep up the good work & Keep loving Cities

đŸ„‡ 2022 was a big year of achievements. Here is what we did together:

-Placemaking Projects with Helsingborgs stad and Stockholmshem
-Attending Placemaking days in Sweden, Placemaking Europe week in Spain, podcasting, and delivering a session.
-Being part of The After Covidcity Global Charter publication.

University & schools
– Welcoming 400 new students to Royal Institute of Technology in collaboration with SamhĂ€llsbyggnadslĂ€nken vid KTH.
– Lecturing at KTH Architecture University
– Supervised students with their Master’s thesis/other projects. (I don’t remember how many hahah)
– Being part of different school projects in Sweden with a focus on Future Cities program and workshops.

Honors & Awards
-Award winner of Clarence Morberg Award 2022 by SamhĂ€llsbyggarna –
-Award winner of Changemaker under 35 by PMI Sweden Chapter
-Ambassador for Open House Stockholm and H22 – The making of a smarter city
-Board member of TEDxStockholm
-Board member of Urban Design and Planning Berghs School of Communication
-Chairperson for Föreningen för SamhĂ€llsplanering in Stockholm (Association for Urban Planners)
-Featured on coverage of 2x Swedish magazine SamhĂ€llsbyggarna & HĂ„llbart Byggande
-Member of the Lead Jury and to present the winners of Hack för SödertÀlje Hackathon.

AFRY Urban Planning and Design team (Many of the other achievements in this post here are by projects with AFRY also)
-Visiting Hamburg with AFRY Landscape Architects
-Visiting Norrköping with AFRY Urban Planning and Design
-Part of 5x seminars with a focus on urban design & 15-minute city
-Part of 4x Broadcast with a focus on Food and life science
-Part of Future Mobility Conference
-Part of Lanching AFRY Landscape Architecture Award
-Part of Introduce a Girl to Engineering day
-Working projects with focus on making cities for people

More achievements during 2022 like
-Being part of Hack for Earth Hackathon for Youth at COP27 in Egypt with 1860 Global teams.
-Being part of Arkus stiftelse och förening and laughing 3x Grands with a focus on Architecture
-Being course director of Social sustainability Course at Berghs School of Communication
-Attending Urban Future., doing podcasting, and leading a workshop.
-50+ Public speaking/interviews about topics: future cities, child-friendly cities, cities for people

Published by Mustafa Sherif

Child Friendly Urban Planner at AFRY | TEDxStockholm | Public Speaker | Urbanistica Podcast Host | H22 City EXPO Ambassador | Placemaking Europe Leader

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