Solna Gymnasium


Solna Gymnasium school x AFRY Urban Planning and Design section

The school is involved in an Erasmus+ project that focuses on SDG Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities. They bring young people and teachers from 4 EU countries. The task for students is to develop a concept for sustainable neighborhoods in both Minecraft and in models.

I invited students to AFRY and explained urban planning and design processes (in a simple way). Students walked around in our studio and checked different samples of colors, sketching papers, drawings, maps, and real building materials we use when we sketch and design life between buildings e.g. wood, stones, etc. talked to some of our Landscape architects and urban planners.

The results are amazing and inspiring. A big focus from students is on green roofs and walls, also on giving more colors to urban build environment and not having so “boring” grey.

I believe that as urban planners & designers we also have the responsibility of spreading knowledge about urban development in a pedagogical way to non-urban practitioners (Children, students, adults, seniors, etc…) At least in our local community.
I am grateful for this collaboration with the school located in the same area as AFRY HQ. It’s a great way of creating relationships between different actors in a neighborhood and activating a local community. Shout out to fantastic teachers Vladimira & Eleonor for this important collaboration.

Keep up the good work
Keep loving cities

Published by Mustafa Sherif

Child Friendly Urban Planner at AFRY | TEDxStockholm | Public Speaker | Urbanistica Podcast Host | H22 City EXPO Ambassador | Placemaking Europe Leader

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