Child-Friendly City conversation with White Arkitekter

Mustafa sherif Child Friendly City

Thanks for the invitation White ArkitekterCarolin Larsson for an interesting breakfast discussion about #childfriendlycities

📣 We talked about:
-Planning and designing future cities from a child’s perspective.
-Why & how to integrate a child’s perspective into our design process as architects and urban planners?
– Why should we leave space for children’s creativity and not program every single millimeter? (clean & programmed space Vs. unprogrammed space)

Some links from our conversation:
-UNICEF Handbok för barns delaktighet och inflytande

-Boverket Utveckla förskolors och skolors fysiska miljö för att lyfta hela samhället

-Future Cities Studio – Barns plats i staden seminarium, in Swedish

-Urbanistica ENG Child Friendly Cities – Pernilla Baralt (Exective director of UNicef swden)

-Urbanistica ENG UNICEF Innovation – Thomas Davin

-UNICEF What is the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

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Child Friendly Urban Planner at AFRY | TEDxStockholm | Public Speaker | Urbanistica Podcast Host | H22 City EXPO Ambassador | Placemaking Europe Leader

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