One Minute City

After having a podcast episode about 15-Minute City with Carlos Moreno in #Paris, it’s time to listen to the story of the 1-minute city with Dan Hill in #Stockholm.

Dan Hill, Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova. Professor at Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Visiting Prof at UCL Bartlett and Design Academy Eindhoven, Adjunct Prof at RMIT)

We are talking about:
– What is a 1-minute city?
– Is it applicable in all cities in the world?
– How do we transform our cities to become 1-minute cities?
– Who is responsible for this transformation?
– The revelation between 1 min, 15 min, and 60 min cities.

Listen to Urbanistica Podcast on your favorite podcast app.

Keep up the good work
Keep loving cities

Published by Mustafa Sherif

Urban influencer | Urban Planner at AFRY | Founder of Urbanistica Podcast | TEDxStockholm speakers headhunter

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