Thank you Landskapslaget

I am very thankful for Landskapslaget (#Urbanplanning and #landscapearchitecture studio) for believing in me and supporting #UrbanisticaPodcast as an international platform to inspire people in all around the world about the making of smarter and more livable cities.

It’s has been 8 months of fantastic collaboration.

I am also grateful for my first guest Anna Squassina for believing in the podcast. So thankful for the person who introduced me to the #podcast world. My awesome colleague at Landskapslaget Johanna Good. And also thankful for Sergio Maximo for making pictures of me to the podcast.

Next week I will start my new job as an Urban Planner at AFRY SWEDEN .This means that #Landskapslaget will no longer be an Urbanistica partner.

Thanks again for everything ♥️

Big thanks to the great Urban Planner Max Goldstein for creating these two lines:
Keep up the good work
Keep loving cities

Published by Mustafa Sherif

Urban influencer | Urban Planner at AFRY | Founder of Urbanistica Podcast | TEDxStockholm speakers headhunter

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