Urbanistica Podcast and H22 Smart City Helsingborg collaboration

I have the pleasure to introduce #Urbanisticapodcast collaboration with H22 – The making of a smarter city in Helsingborg city, south of Sweden. I will interview creative people and together we will share interesting stories about H22 Smart City journey.

Big thanks for the fantastic partnership manager Caroline Nilsson and for the great marketing manager Clara Wikekall.

To get the vibes of The Making of a Smarter City Helsingborgs stad H22 listen to Urbanistica Epsiodes:
E2. Micco Grönholm – Head of future in Helsingborg.
E46. Soraya Axelsson – Head of H22 project.

More info http://www.h22.se or follow Urbanistica Podcast on Instagram.

Read the short interview about: How can Urbanistica be part of H22?

Why are you choosing to be a H22 partner?

Helsingborg is a remarkable example of an innovative and a collaborative city. It is absolutely in the front line of world leading cities when it comes to exploring the making of a smarter city, which matches perfectly with what Urbanistica podcast is about. Urbanistica is about The making of smarter and more livable cities.

In what way will your involvement contribute to the development of Helsingborg and other cities?

Urbanistica as a platform will share the innovative stories from the heart of H22 in Helsingborg. These stories will contribute and inspire cities in the entire world to become smarter and more livable. Listeners will understand and be closer to what H22 and Helsingborg are about, and that might inspire them to collaborate with H22 to develop Helsingborg or to be inspired and develop their own cities.

What does a smarter city mean to you?

A smarter city is a city where the public and the private sector collaborate to co-create to enhance the everyday life of people and make it easier for them. Innovation and technology is a fundamental tool to make a city smarter. If a city can measure different aspects of people’s life, it can develop it as well and make everyday life easier for them.

What challenges does your organisation aim to solve within the context of the H22 initiative?

The challenge that this podcast is aiming to solve is to widen the horizon of people’s understanding about what a smart city is. Many people associate a smart city with just e.g. robots or self driving cars. But a smart city is about many other tools and values.

Read more about the collaboration here


/ Mustafa Sherif

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