Greetings from Hamburg

Greetings from HamburgExploring the urban planning and design progress. Finally, after 2 Years of covid, I met some of AFRY‘s talented Landscape Architects team from different parts of Sweden. We did a workshop about our future goals, our mission, and our actions to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable cities and communities by landscapearchitecture design. We discussed how toContinue reading “Greetings from Hamburg”

15 minute city talk

A 15-minute conversation about the 15-minute city with Professor Carlos Moreno During Placemaking Europe week in Pontevedra city, we had a conversation in an open-air Podcast booth. People were listening to us live. 🎙️ We talked about the status update of the 15-minute city, success stories and mistakes that urban practitioners make when we implement 15 minute cityContinue reading “15 minute city talk”

Berghs School of Communication Morning Routine

I find it ridiculous that we as urban practitioners sometimes of us look for final answers & real design proposals from children when we do workshops and engage children in projects. It just annoys me that sometimes we stress children to give us solid solutions. We forget that we should listen to them and translateContinue reading Berghs School of Communication Morning Routine”

PlacemakingWeek Europe 2022 in Pontevedra

I just came from a fantastic Placemaking Europe week in Pontevedra City, Spain. 💛 A big thanks to a LEGENDARY team that manages to bring us (450+ participants) together. I am amazed & mind-blown by the amount of useful and inspiring content in this festival: 12 plenaries, 70 international keynote speakers, and 80 co-created sessions. 🎙 In the comingContinue reading “PlacemakingWeek Europe 2022 in Pontevedra”


Boverket kom under våren 2022 med en promemoria som bildar underlag för ett skarpt regeringsförslag. Det innehåller önskemål om utökat bemyndigande att meddela föreskrifter för lek och utevistelse i friytor. Dvs. ytor som barn kan använda på egen hand vid sin utevistelse. Förslaget innebär en ändring i plan- och byggförordningens tionde kapitel och ska göra detContinue reading “Lärmiljöpodden”

Open House Stockholm 2022

Jag välkomnar er som en stolt ambassadör till årets Open House Stockholm, från den 30/9 – 2/10 Under helgen bjuder vi in till 65 olika byggnader, platser och aktiviteter. Nu finns festivalprogrammet tillgängligt på Open House StockholmAllmänheten bjuds in till gratis guidade visningar av stadens mest unika och spännande byggnader och platser. Festivalen syftar till attContinue reading “Open House Stockholm 2022”

Placemaking Week Europe

WELCOME to the 5th Annual Placemaking Week Europe27-30th of Sep in Pontevedra, Spain Main themes:-Innovative and creative economy-Creative bureaucracy-Green and blue placemaking-Human scale development for thriving & resilient public spaces As a Placemaking Europe Leader, I’ll host a session on “Building your personal brand as a Placemaker,” in which I will discuss why and how building a personal brand is essential for makingContinue reading “Placemaking Week Europe”

The Line city

The Line city. What does the history of urbanism tell us about creating new & linear cities?  A very interesting conversation with Dr. Tigran Haas (Associate Professor, HAL Lab Director, and the Former Director of the Centre for the Future of Places KTH, Stockholm, Sweden) 🎙He is commenting on The Line city, 1 minute city, 15 minutes city,Continue reading “The Line city”

TEDxStockholm Board member

🚀 From a #Tedxtalk fan to a translator, to an event volunteer, to a content researcher, to a co-coach, and today a Board member in TEDxStockholm. I am honored to be part of a curious community. It’s another chapter for me to continue working with a passionate team & partners on ideas worth spreading. I am looking forwardContinue reading “TEDxStockholm Board member”

Uni students Child-Friendly Cities

🚀 Back to the office to #makingfuture with brave & passionate colleagues, partners, and clients. 🏅I love to celebrate all graduated students and especially those from KTH Royal Institute of Technology:Amelia Ahmadi & Saida Van der AuweraertThesis: Understanding children’s perceptions and use of the neighborhood: a participatory method: A Malmö case study focused on aspects of liveability. Link toContinue reading “Uni students Child-Friendly Cities”