A Placemaking Leader

My WHY in life is basically creating citiesforpeople / citiesforkids. I will do what I can to make this happen. Officially, I am a leader of Placemaking EuropeThis will be a fantastic journey. I will be one of the front-runners in Europe, who together accelerate placemaking as a way to create healthy, inclusive, and belovedContinue reading “A Placemaking Leader”

Barnkonventionens födelsedag med Åsa Lindgren

Barnkonventionens födelsedag 20 november 🎉 Den 20 november 1989 antogs FN:s konvention om barnets rättigheter och i många länder världen och i Sverige firas därför 20 november som den stora barndagen. Jag poddar och firar #barndagen tillsammans med bästa Åsa Lindgren. Åsa ger tips och råd på hur barnkonventionen integreras i olika verksamheter och hurContinue reading “Barnkonventionens födelsedag med Åsa Lindgren”

Interviewed by The Swedish Institute.

#urbanplanning is about making #citiesforpeople. We do it by involving people and making them part of an #urbandevelopment story rather than forcing them to be part of it. Today I was interviewed by Polina Agarkova and Alexandra Selivanova from the The Swedish Institute. This interview is a part of a social media content to increase the awareness of Swedish value and way of life.Continue reading “Interviewed by The Swedish Institute.”

Listen to kids

How do children face their challenges with education, health, poverty, violence and participation during #COVID19 ? Did we adults forget about children’s right and just think about ourselves and our business? UNICEF Sweden and The Swedish Institute called out to all #children of the world. The aim was to get help to #design , test and implement ideas that could help improve life duringContinue reading “Listen to kids”

Predict the unpredictable book AFRY

#smartcities for whom ⁉️ As an urban planner I am very passionate about plannig cities for people. At the same time #Iot #AI #5G #ecommerce are being part of our cities. But will cities be created only for #technology? or? Where are we heading? I just finish reading this highly recommend book: Predicting the unpredictable.Continue reading “Predict the unpredictable book AFRY”

Thank you Landskapslaget

I am very thankful for Landskapslaget (#Urbanplanning and #landscapearchitecture studio) for believing in me and supporting #UrbanisticaPodcast as an international platform to inspire people in all around the world about the making of smarter and more livable cities. It’s has been 8 months of fantastic collaboration. I am also grateful for my first guest AnnaContinue reading “Thank you Landskapslaget”

KTH University Lecture

Social and urban justice! Planning cities for #children ? #women? #People? It is a big pleasure to be part of the introduction course for Sustainable Urban Planning and Design Master students in Kungliga Tekniska högskolan Associate professor at #KTH, Meike Schalk talked about planning cities from the female perspective. Associate professor and lecturer in EthnologyContinue reading “KTH University Lecture”

AFRY is my destination.

I am so honored, proud and grateful to be chosen to be an active part of #makingfuture. AFRY is an international #engineering, #design and advisory company that supports to progress in #ustainability and digitalisation . 17,000 devoted experts within the fields of infrastructure, industry and energy, operating across the world to create sustainable solutions for future generations. 2020-10-01 will be my first day of makingfuture in AFRY Sweden.Continue reading “AFRY is my destination.”

Child Friendly Cities x KTH

Kungliga Tekniska högskolan & Landskapslaget ABToward more child friendly cities. I am preparing presentations and exercises. It is part of the Master program Sustainable Urban Planning and Design. I will share practical experiences and talk about WHY developing Child Friendly #Cities is so important and HOW do we do that? During the various projects I met with, LISTENED to,Continue reading “Child Friendly Cities x KTH”