Talking Sustainability on the MasterPods

Thank you The Master Pods for inviting me to the show.

Ever wondered how our cities are planned? How sustainability can be incorporated into the design of the city? On this week’s episode, Mustafa Sherif tells us about his life story, from being fascinated by architecture to ending up working as an urban planner at AFRY in Stockholm. He also specializes in social sustainability, meaning his job is literally to make cities more human centered. We think that’s pretty neat! Mustafa also has a podcast called Urbanistica where he talks with his guests about the various aspects of urban planning and architecture. 

Join us for a great conversation on cities, life paths, choices and great advice! Mustafa recommends these resources:

-Gapminder test, to assess how well you know the current state of human development in the world? Spoiler alert, you probably know less than you think.

-Sustainable Development Goals homepage, for some useful information on the goals themselves and how to reach them!

Listen to the episode here

Published by Mustafa Sherif

Child Friendly Urban Planner at AFRY | TEDxStockholm | Public Speaker | Urbanistica Podcast Host | H22 City EXPO Ambassador | Placemaking Europe Leader

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