Peacemakers Pakistani Storytelling – Mustafa Sherif | Making it Happen Episode 08

I am so happy to be part of this great placemaking serie. Thank you Azbah Ansari for inviting me.

Mustafa Sherif is the founder and the host of the international smart city podcast Urbanistica. He is also working as an urban planner with focus on social sustainability at AFRY in Stockholm, Sweden. He is content researcher and co-coach at Tedx talk Stockholm team. Due to his passion for creating better cities for and with people, he is also member of Placemaking Europe’s leadership team. In this episode, he shared his story and lessons learnt so far in a way that speaks for itself about his interest in storytelling as a means of spreading ideas and inspiring people. You can also follow us for more here:

Website: https://peacemakerspakistani.wixsite….




Published by Mustafa Sherif

Urban influencer | Urban Planner at AFRY | Founder of Urbanistica Podcast | TEDxStockholm speakers headhunter

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