The Line city

The Line city. What does the history of urbanism tell us about creating new & linear cities?  A very interesting conversation with Dr. Tigran Haas (Associate Professor, HAL Lab Director, and the Former Director of the Centre for the Future of Places KTH, Stockholm, Sweden) 🎙He is commenting on The Line city, 1 minute city, 15 minutes city,Continue reading “The Line city”

TEDxStockholm Board member

🚀 From a #Tedxtalk fan to a translator, to an event volunteer, to a content researcher, to a co-coach, and today a Board member in TEDxStockholm. I am honored to be part of a curious community. It’s another chapter for me to continue working with a passionate team & partners on ideas worth spreading. I am looking forwardContinue reading “TEDxStockholm Board member”

Uni students Child-Friendly Cities

🚀 Back to the office to #makingfuture with brave & passionate colleagues, partners, and clients. 🏅I love to celebrate all graduated students and especially those from KTH Royal Institute of Technology:Amelia Ahmadi & Saida Van der AuweraertThesis: Understanding children’s perceptions and use of the neighborhood: a participatory method: A Malmö case study focused on aspects of liveability. Link toContinue reading “Uni students Child-Friendly Cities”

300x Episodes of Urbanistica Podcast

☀️ It’s time for a summer vacation. Apart from my urban planning projects, I hope that I am contributing to making better cities by sharing your fantastic stories on Urbanistica Podcast – Cities for People. I am happy to see the side effects of the podcast e.g. students choosing to study urban planning and design, studentsContinue reading “300x Episodes of Urbanistica Podcast”

Child-Friendly City conversation with White Arkitekter

Thanks for the invitation White Arkitekter, Carolin Larsson for an interesting breakfast discussion about #childfriendlycities 📣 We talked about:-Planning and designing future cities from a child’s perspective.-Why & how to integrate a child’s perspective into our design process as architects and urban planners?– Why should we leave space for children’s creativity and not program every single millimeter? (clean &Continue reading “Child-Friendly City conversation with White Arkitekter”

Placemaking Europe in Helsingborg H22 City EXPO- Day 2

Greetings from H22 City Expo with wishes for a happy & sunny midsummer to you all. Day 2 of Placemaking Europe in Helsingborg was very special for me. It took place in Drottninghög area, where I grew up when my family moved from Iraq to Sweden for 12 years ago.  We had a tour of DM (Do More) a unique urbanContinue reading “Placemaking Europe in Helsingborg H22 City EXPO- Day 2”

Placemaking Europe in Helsingborg H22 City EXPO – Day 1

Placemaking Europe and The City of Helsingborg co-organized a 2-day event within H22 filled with activities oriented around placemaking as a city-wide strategy to motivate great public space and quality of life. Day 1-A workshop focused onCity Centres in a Post-Covid World: How can we tap into place-led & city center development putting people andContinue reading “Placemaking Europe in Helsingborg H22 City EXPO – Day 1”

The city from the eye level of kids WS at Urban Future

I had 2 hours of exciting Urban Future. field trip in the Dröttninghög area in Helsingborg H22 City Expo. Together with amazing participants from different countries we played games and experienced the area from 95 cm. We played a role game, each adult got a character for a child with a specific background, income level, and physical and mental challenges. We wereContinue reading “The city from the eye level of kids WS at Urban Future”

15 min city Carlos Moreno

🕒 The mind behind 15 min city Professor Carlos Moreno at Urban Future. I am very happy to see you again professor after our Urbanistica Podcast & different events. Keep up the good work & welcome to Helsingoborg H22 City Expo. 👁 Soon I will go do my field trip about seeing cities from the eyes of children. The participants willContinue reading “15 min city Carlos Moreno”

Urban Future x H22 City Expo in Helsingborg

Greetings from Helsingborg. You are more than welcome to join my big journey of exploring the making of smarter and more livable cities for people. 🇸🇪 H22 City Expo 2022 is coming upon Monday (30th May – 3rd July). During Urban Future. Global conference I will talk to experts from all around the world and listen to their best/worstContinue reading “Urban Future x H22 City Expo in Helsingborg”