The Making of Dead Cities

A book by Mustafa Sherif. Coming soon …

Urban Planning by Van Gogh

This article is based on my Art studies. I compare how the artist Van Gogh uses some tactics in his painting and what urban planners can learn from him in order to plan livable cities.

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We are humans not robots !

Mustafa’s reflections about the Zoom and Teams meetings online. During the COVID19 there were many people who were stressing out the others by pushing them to buy a perfect microphone, a LED ring light, an expensive camera etc. Mustafa wrote an article to say that we do not need all these expensive tools, we need more love and just to be humans.

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This thesis explores the possible ways to define the relationship between peoples’ safety and urban planning and design. It aims to create urban planning and design tools that could help to increase inhabitants’ safety and outdoor life quality. People are the storytellers, People are the urban planners, people are the experts. The Publisher is KTH. The Royal Institute of Technology.

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Being “successful” in Sweden?

An article about “How to be successful in Sweden?”. The article is targeting the newcomers to Sweden and provide them some advices to help them to take one step further to have a successful life. The publisher is Alkompis News paper. (The article is in Arabic).

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A new fantastic world in Milano

The story of my life in Milano 2017 as students. This publication is a letter to the students who want to go abroad and have an amazing exchange studies experience in Milano. The Publisher is KTH. The Royal Institute of Technology. (The story is in Swedish).

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New Landscape for Kalmar City Park in Sweden

This is a Bachelor thesis that reviews the history of Kalmar City park in Sweden. The thesis suggests new urban design to empower the waterfront park and the surrounding of the old castle. The publisher is LTH School of Engineering.

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